There Is Light In The Dark

Finding Hope In Difficulty


Hi, I’m Laura and I’m the administrator and writer of There Is Light In The Dark. This blog is about finding light in the dark parts of life and being a light to those around you. What do you do when you’re struggling financially and can’t stay ahead of the bills? How do you deal with a loved one being sick or passing? How can you help a friend going through tough times? What if you’ve got a really unique situation to deal with and can’t find anyone else who knows what it’s like? What if life has become crushing and you feel like you’re drowning? We’re gonna talk about all this stuff, POSITIVELY, share stories so you know you’re not alone and find hope and relief along the way. There will be lots of happy stuff, too. Things to brighten your day, make you laugh and help you make life brighter for the people around you.There’s light in everything, no matter how dark and we can find it.

Ok, that’s the blog; now a little bit about me. I’m a writer, author, artist, advocate, news and psychology junkie and I love volunteering. I have a passion for kindness and speaking for those who don’t have a voice. I also love humor, animals and enjoying the world around me.

You can check out my other blog, “Perfectly Mixed” at It’s a variety of fun stuff.