A North Carolina, USA Woman has raised $4,000 to help high school students pay off debts so they can earn their diplomas. MSN reported this good news item, saying that at East Mecklenburg High School in Charlotte NC, fourteen students had outstanding debts totaling $4500. According to the school district policy students cannot graduate until those debts are payed off.  Seasons Bennett, owner of Headlines Barbershop in Charlotte was shocked and saddened by this and wanted to help those seniors by paying off their debts.

Bennett told local television affiliate WBTV that she expected the students to have debts over damaged property. But most of the students were band members who owed money to the program.  This shocked Bennett.

”These kids are doing something good, they’re on the band, they’re having school spirit.” She told WBTV. It seemed unfair to her that these kids were being barred from graduation for a school sponsored activity.

So to help the students pay off their debts she started a Go Fund Me page to raise money to pay the bill. After posting extensively about her cause on social media the effort raised $1,700. Then the cause got the attention of the daughter of former Carolina Panthers football player Thomas Davis. He was inspired to help and donated $4,000, easily covering the debts and allowing all fourteen students to graduate.

The recipiants were awed by the gesture and kindness of the cause.

“One girl dropped to her knees, and she just said, ‘I have to call my mom,'” Bennett said in the MSN article. “She said her mom was working on getting a loan.”

Bennet was inspired by the generosity of wealthy philanthropist Robert F. Smith who recently promised to donate $40 million to pay off the debts of the Morehouse College class of ’19 reported MSN. She wanted to do something similar, and now, thanks to her efforts fourteen teens now have their high school diplomas.