I want to go there.

To the light I see off in the distance.

I want to go towards happiness, towards a better life.

I want to be that person who has joy and hope,

To live in the light of the promises;

The promise of purpose and plan.

This pain is not where my heart was meant to be.

This toxicity, this joyless muck is not my home.

I wasn’t meant to live life feeling defeated.

I was made to be triumphant;

And I want to be. I want to live my life in light and joy.

Light was always my destination, my home.

So I’m turning from all that is toxic and I’m walking home.

I am meant to have a better life,

Meant to live in the light of life, not the darkness.

The light is my home.

It is where there is peace.

I long for the brightness of it.

So I’m walking home.


PHOTO: Pixabay/Blanca Rovira