A teenage boy has saved his sister and cousins from dying of carbon monoxide poisoning. According to MSN.com, the boy, Alexis Arrietta arrived to his Commerce City Colorado home early Tuesday morning to find his mother and three siblings very ill from the gas that had been seeping into their home overnight.

Alexis and his 9 year old niece Jaylene Flores were dropped off at the home of Alexis’ sister Claudia Olivas early Tuesday morning. Alexis and Jaylene found Claudia and the children in various stages of  consciousnesses and illness. His sister was awake but unable to move, one cousin was passed out and the youngest was screaming in pain.

Alexis quickly called 911 and an EMT team arrived to treat the victims. His quick thinking led him to take the family outside to the driveway to avoid further poisoning while they waited for paramedics. As they waited, the children became frightened, but Alexis calmed them. Local television station CBS4 reported that the family was then rushed to a local hospital where doctors found high levels of carbon monoxide poisoning in their blood.

The family was released after a few hours of treatment and is now doing fine. MSN reports that the furnace in the family home was the culprit of the poisoning. It has since been turned off to avoid further contamination.

Alexis has since become a local hero for his actions.

The paramedic team that rescued his family was very impressed with Alexis’ actions and calm demeanor reported MSN.

“Without him it would have been a totally different story,” said EMT Kat Moon to local news station CBS4.

“If I hadn’t been there, I’m pretty sure my sister wouldn’t have been here today,” said Alexis to CBS4.






Cities are going green! Two cites are trying to improve life for their respective residents through the use of plants.

Scientists have developed an air purifying technique that uses large rooftop panels of plant material   photosynthesis to clean polluted air. Good News Network, a website focused on sharing positive news from around the world reports that the Impereal College of London and startup Arborea have been developing the technology. This invention, called BioSolar Leaf utilizes tiny plants such as microalgea and phytoplankton that cleanse polluted air through photosynthesis. Tests have shown that the technology has the same effect on the air as that of  100 trees.  The panels that the micro plants grow on can be installed just like solar panels. They can sit on rooftops and easily clean dirty air. Developers hope this will improve the air, thereby improving the cities in which the program is implemented.

The other city that’s going green is also using plants to improve air quality and quality of life.

Concrete is going green in Mexico City, Mexico reports the Good News Network. A city project called Via Verde is covering concrete highway columns in plants in an effort to create a greener city and help fight city pollution.  The project began in late 2016  according to The Guardian newspaper; they note that the project plan incorporates a sustainable design because the plants do not harm or interfere with infrastructure and they also utilize rainwater for growth. The plan also has a social element as well: The work of transforming the columns was done by local inmates in an effort to help rehabilitate them and provide them with valuable job experience that will help them reintegrate into society.



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