Hi readers! I’m starting a new series here called the ‘Love Your Life Challenge’. This is all about creating something better for yourself and taking steps towards the life you want to live. I’ll be posting these at least once per month and possibly more frequently alongside one of my usual posts.

This has been inspired by my own struggles with stress, depression and difficult life circumstances.  The difficult stuff can overwhelm you and make you feel bad about life and sap away your joy. Sometimes it can make you forget that life can be good (or at least better).  My counselor has encouraged me to keep track of small positives in my life and to make a concerted effort to do things that make me happy. I have always wanted to love my life and have a life that I enjoyed. I’m tired of being mired in muck, so I’ve decided to commit to doing small things for myself that I enjoy. I hope that these things taken together will make my life a little brighter. I hope that if you’re struggling too that this might inspire you find your joys as well.

Lately I’ve been immersing myself in music that lifts me up. I’ve been very careful to listen to music that has positive, happy or uplifting lyrics, melodies I love or are just plain joyful. I’m trying to avoid music that’s depressing or sad for the time being. One fun thing I’m doing is discovering new artists and albums (or new to me artists and albums!) This small thing makes an impact on my day and helps me feel a bit better.

Another thing I’m doing is to make sure I have time to read weekly. I LOVE reading and I feel so much better when I do it. I take my book with me wherever I go and read while I’m waiting at a doctor’s office, in line, for a job interview, etc. Funny thing is that my book has been noticed by numerous people who are curious about it. One of the receptionists at my chiropractor’s office has even read the book I’m currently reading and we always talk about it when I’m in. This simple interaction is always fun and interactions like this make me feel better- especially when I’m struggling to feel good. Who knew a simple thing could bring so much joy?  Life feels a bit richer when I do something I love.

So what small things that you do or love bring you joy? What small things make the dark parts in life a little brighter?


My challenge to you this month is to find one small type of media/entertainment that you enjoy and do that. What kind of music makes you happy? What TV shows or movies do you love? What books or magazines enrich your life? Take your choice and devote a little time to simply enjoying it.

Ideas for the Love Your Life Challenge? Let me know!


PHOTO 1: Pixabay/ShonEjai

PHOTO 2: Pixabay/Alexas_Fotos