Hi readers! Welcome to April. To kick off the month I’m sharing two good news stories. These are part of my monthly series of good news items. This month I’m sharing two pieces from the national news, both on the subject of helping those with physical challenges. (Both snippets written by me using information from various published articles)

Group Sponsors Ski Trip for Individuals With Physical Challenges

Recently a group of kids and young adults with special needs got to do something many people take for granted: go skiing. According to MSN, ‘Kids of Courage’, a group devoted to helping ill and physically challenged children have positive fun experiences has recently taken a group of individuals with physical challenges or serious illness on a once in a lifetime ski trip.

According to the group’s web site they are “…dedicated to the support of sick children and their families…Kids of Courage is committed to change the way people look at illness, and open up a world of support, hope and opportunity for every sick child and family, no matter how serious the diagnosis.” They plan fun activities for children who might otherwise be confined to a home or hospital.  According to website NewsWire, the group is partnering with AbilityPLUS, an organization that specializes in athletic and recreational activities for the disabled.

MSN said that the trip took the group to Mt. Snow  in Vermont where 52 children and young adults who might not otherwise get to go skiing because of physical or medical limitations had the opportunity to learn to do so. The event was designed with the unique needs of the attendees in mind such as chair ski sleds, custom made skis and poles or special snow boards.  All participating kids had assistants from AbilityPLUS assisting them on the slopes. NewsWire reports that the event was a massive success and not only made the participants happy but also created a community event by bringing so many people together to help give these kids a great experience.


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Disabled Two Year Old Gets Needed Wheel Chair Made By Teenage Robotics Team

A robotics team at Farmington high school in Minnesota has created a wheel chair for a two year old boy suffering from a rare genetic disorder that makes mobility difficult, reports Fox News. The boy, Cillian Jackson suffers from symptoms similar to those of Cebrebral Palsy and requires a special wheel chair to get around.  The boy’s parents couldn’t afford a wheel chair of this sort which is usually valued at about $20,000. That’s where the students at Farmington High School come in.

The student robotics team built a custom chair for Cillian using the shell of a Power Wheels riding toy notes newspaper USA Today. They put new electrical components in the toy, installed a seat from a bike carrier and customized the vehicle to Cillian’s needs.  His parents noted that the chair would make a big difference in their sons’ life by allowing him the ability to explore and move in ways that were otherwise unavailable with other wheel chairs.


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