Alone on the ocean;

Drifting for forever in a tiny little boat.

Tossed in the waves one day, the stark bareness of calm water the next.

Exhaustion and confusion setting in.

My eyes bleary as I loose my strength.

Slipping from the tipping boat, no strength left to stay in it.

The water accepting me into its darkness and pulling me under.

Drowning in the depths of my psyche.

Falling through the water,

Sinking gently, the abyss ominously awaiting me,

Like approaching death in slow motion.

Life’s  struggles snapping at me like hungry piranhas,

They are sharks that circle as I flail, waiting for dinner.

With despair I know I am drowning,

Death slowly creeping into my lungs, the air out of reach.

My spirit is crushed like lungs collapsing in the pressure of the deep.

But I can’t go like this.

It shouldn’t be this way…………

It won’t.

I kick my legs as hard as I can, my arms pulling upwards;

Struggling to reach the surface.

Breaking the surface a little are my nose and mouth- a breath!

A little slip under, another kick and my head breaks the surface.

The air is life, peace and freedom and makes me new again.

I tread water, looking for my little boat.

Finding it, I try to climb back in again.

I must be careful not to slip from my craft again;

I don’t want to drown anymore.


PHOTO: Pixabay/Life-of-Pix