Hi readers! Today’s posts are centered on the theme of Kindness. Ya’ll may have noticed that I talk about kindness fairly frequently on this blog. That’s because it’s a very important concept to me. I think that kindness can go a long way towards helping others and making this world a better place. I believe that everything we put out into the world does make an impact and the things we give are the things we eventually get back. Why not make those things positive? I also think that as a Christian it’s my responsibility to show God’s love through kindness to others; so I try to do it regularly. About two years ago, I posted a list of 7 ideas for showing kindness to others, ( https://thereislightinthedark.blog/2017/02/05/blog-post-title/ ) and today I’m sharing 7 more ideas.


The final idea on my last sharing kindness list was eating locally.  You can do the same with shopping- shop at a local store or use the services of small businesses in your area. I have owned and run two separate small businesses and showing some love to the local shops and entrepreneurs makes a HUGE difference to us! Our dreams and livelihoods couldn’t survive without local support! So help them out- I promise they’ll love it!


Is your friend dealing with a sprained ankle, a week so busy they don’t have time to get folders for their presentation at work, something their kids need or just feeling under the weather? Send them something they could use. Send the friend with the ankle problem an ankle wrap, grab some folders for the friend with the presentation, or for the other two, find out what their kids need or what would help them through their illness and grab it for them. Yeah, they might be able to buy it themselves, but they’ll appreciate you thinking about them. Or if you know someone who CAN’T afford everything they need, send something along to them, too if you can afford it. It’s can be a relief to get a bit of help when you’re struggling.


A lot of people have pets, and some times life gets so crazy it’s difficult to meet all of your pets’ needs. Sure, you give them food and water, but what about their other needs? This is a great opportunity to step in and help out. If you know someone having a rough time or a busy week, see if they’d like some help with Their pets. Maybe they’d really appreciate someone willing to stop by their place and take their dog for a walk, clean their fish tank or play with their cat. Pets are often very important to those who own them, so show some love to people by helping the cute little furry, scaly and feathery ones that they love.


Do you have a friend who’s working to make one of their dreams come true? Support them in it! Maybe they’re an artist and could benefit from having photos of their work shared on social media; or perhaps they’re going after their dream job and could use an extra pair of eyes editing their resume. Or the best and totally free way to support your friend- just encourage them. Get excited about what they’re excited about. Knowing you’ve got a cheering section can go a long way in helping people to have the courage to go after what they want.


This simple act of kindness can really make a difference. Think about how awesome it felt when people have been patient with you, and put that back out into the world. Try and be patient with that person in line who’s struggling to get their child to behave or with your co-worker who’s not so great with social interaction. And don’t forget to be patient with yourself, too! You deserve kindness just as much as everyone else!


Say nice things to others: Your co-workers, your kids, that stranger sitting next to you on the bus, your partner- your pet! Devote one day each week or month to complimenting others, making kind comments when you want to make a snide one, and just generally being positive. And don’t forget to speak kindly to yourself, too!


Have you heard of ‘Pay it Forward’? It’s the idea that if someone does something nice for you, you do something nice for someone else. So if someone complimented you, do the same for someone else; if that kind stranger helped you by the side of the road when your car tire was flat, help someone else in a similar situation etc. Just get everyone in on this via a big email or social media group, challenge everyone to ‘Pay it Forward’ and ask participants to share what they did for the project! If you can get people sharing, you’ll have a big kindness fest before you know it!

Hopefully these ideas will inspire and help you to spread a little light in the darkness! What other acts of kindness do you like to do? Share it in the comments!