When I am empty, you fill me.

When I can’t take anymore and my psyche is cracking, you strengthen me and fill in the cracks.

My soul is slowly dying, but when I call on you, you come and lift it up.

You raise me above my pain, my struggles and everything that’s against me.

When I think I can’t fly anymore, you rescue me and push me back up into the sky.

You help me fly again when I thought my wings were broken.



I don’t know why you pursue me.

I am nothing special.

But you come for me, and you stay beside me.

You fight for me, you love me,

I don’t understand why;

But I’m glad you do.

Maybe one day I’ll understand.


Photo 1: FreeImages/Cheryl Empey

Photo 2: FreeImages/Ashleigh Berger