Journaling is a popular activity. It’s a great way to record your life, your thoughts and ideas, use it as an aid in their faith journey and scripture study.   Many famous people (especially authors and writers) have used journaling for a variety of reasons as well. I started journaling young: when I was in the third grade, someone gave me a journal for Christmas and I’ve been doing it regularly ever since.  I really love it; it helps me keep perspective.

Positive journaling is a newer movement that focuses on helping the writer to gain or maintain a more positive disposition by recording the good things they see in life. For me, positivity has been difficult these past few months, and I’m trying this as a way of helping myself get through the dark.

There are many ways to use your journaling for positivity, but here are just a few ideas.

1)Things you’re grateful for or blessings in your life

The gratitude journal is an idea that’s been around for awhile and has received plenty of media attention. There’s a reason for that, too. It’s a great idea! Counting our blessings really does help us be more positive.

2)The good things that have happened in your day, week or month

This is a fun way to keep track of the positive things going on around you and in your own life. I like to list fun things like time with friends, or finding some neat item at Goodwill, or saving money on my grocery bill. Keeping track of the positives also helps you focus on good things that will lift your mood.

3)Write about something you enjoyed during your day or week

It can be as big as say, a job promotion, or as small as hearing birdsong in the morning or eating a great meal. This one sounds trivial, but it really helps me to focus on and remember the joys in my life.

4) Something positive that you witnessed or something positive that happened to you

This, like the previous suggestion can be big or small too. For example, I once ran out of gas at about 8 pm and a kind passerby drove me to a nearby gas station to get some gas so I wouldn’t have to walk alone in the dark. She then drove me back to my car and waited while I got the gas into my car. While I was bummed that I ran out of gas, I really appreciated the kindness of a stranger. This also leads into the final idea.

5) A negative that turned into a positive

As in my previous example, a very annoying (and potentially bad) situation was suddenly turned into a heart warming one. What things in your day or week began negatively but turned around? For example, did you enjoy something you thought you’d hate? Did a bad day turn around and become a good day? Did someone or something pick you up when you were feeling down? Did luck finally find you?

6) Keep running lists of things that bring you joy, the fun things you’ve done, or the positives in life. 

I think that keeping a running list of good things is a great way to remember what’s positive. This helps keep light in your life. You can devote a section of your journal to this or an entire journal. I began a couple of these lists last month and keep them in documents on my computer-that way they’re easy to add to.

So try making a few positive entries in your journal- or even start a journal dedicated to good things. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!