Life has been be so tough.

It’s been so sad.

Some days it’s hard just to make it through.

Those days never end, and others never begin.

I just can’t seem to get it right.

Can’t seem to get a break.

Every thing I try never works,

Everything’s nipped in the bud.

Sometimes there’s a hope,

But then it just goes away again.

It gets a little easier,

Then the hard times come right back.

I’m tired of this see-saw.

There’s got to be hope somewhere.

It can’t all be like this.

I don’t wanna stay here any more, so I walk.

I walk forward as best I can.

Not sure I’m doing so well,

Not sure I’m even getting anywhere,

But at least I’m walking.

I trip on rocks, on my own shoe laces,

Crap! I almost fell!

Heck, I’m not even walking,

I’m just stumbling through.

But there’s got to be something better.

So I move along.

I go as fast as I can, move as best as I can.

The going is tough on this never ending road.

At least I’m walking, though.

No… not quite.

Not sure you’d call this ‘walking’.

But at least I’m trying;

Doing the best I can;

Just stumbling through.


Photo 1: Pixabay/Clkr Free Vector Images

Photo 2: Pixabay/Gerault