A dinner with friends that lifts my mood,

Laughing and talking in nourishing companionship.

A text from someone reminding me I’m on their mind,

Making me feel loved.

An early morning drive through a beautiful area

That breathes much needed life into my soul.

My favorite song playing on the radio,

The sounds of it sending euphoria and glee into my soul.

It’s the small things that make life better. The little things that bring joy.

Being kind to a stranger,

That shows them love they might need.

Hugging someone who is hurting,

Bringing an analgesic to their soul.

Giving a gift to a friend,

And seeing them smile.

When things are dark, these are the lights that shine through.

Like a multitude of tiny little rays of hope piercing the murkiness.

And when they all shine together, it doesn’t seem so dark anymore.