It’s day 6 of Project Shine. This is the next to the last day of the week long project. I can’t believe a week has flown by so quickly! I’ve gotten to do some neat posts this week and this one is no exception! My readers (or anyone who’s checked out this blog) may already know that kindness is very important to me. I’ve done several posts on kindness or have woven it into others, so you know I’m passionate about it. I also feel like kindness is one of the gifts that God has given me and something specific that He wants me to share. That’s part of the reason that I love this next scripture passage so much.

“But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.” -Gal. 5:22 NIV

There are so many things in this passage that are important, but I want to focus on kindness, which you’ll notice I have written in bold. In a world where kindness isn’t always the norm, we need to cultivate it. There are reasons why the Scriptures note kindness as an important part of developing Godly spirit: kindness makes the world a better place, counteracts evil and helps God’s spirit to get to the dark places in the world. There is so much darkness in this world that allows evil to flourish, but by cultivating and bearing the fruit of kindness, we help bring light and goodness to people who are starving for it.

I love to specifically look for kindness and the light it brings. For example, right now the city of Huston here in the US is experiencing massive flooding which is leaving residents of the city in difficult situations. People are going out of there ways and joining others to help those who are stranded by the rising waters. I’ve seen stories of some who are helping to pull stranded drivers out of flood waters, people getting those trapped in their homes and neighborhoods out to safety and others simply showing encouragement for the residents.

Another example of kindness was a few months ago when a concert hall in Manchester England, UK was bombed during an event. The concert was filled with kids and teenagers, many of whom were without their parents at the time. I remember hearing about cab drivers graciously taking transportation strapped people home for free, others comforting the injured and people helping complete strangers find their parents.

These are great example of bearing the fruit that that scripture talks about. Kindness is important in this world where cruelty can often swallow things up. There’s enough negativity and cruelty; we can counter and neutralize it with kindness. Being kind to our fellow humans also helps us reflect the kindness that God gives us every day. It helps us to be more Christ-like, too. In so doing, we glorify God and show others who He is; and hopefully, doing so will lead people to Him.

Kindness is everywhere if you look for it. It doesn’t take a huge event to find it. Just search acts of kindness on any internet search engine. And if you don’t see kindness, BE it! Let’s be God’s light by showing kindness to our fellow humans!

These acts of kindness is God at work, and it is people bearing the fruit of spirit that the Bible talks about. The people  in the above examples are glorifying God and shining His light in the process. So go out into life today and bear your fruit; be the light of God and show kindness to those you encounter!


Photo: Pixabay/bknis