Don’t be afraid to give.

Don’t be wary of doing too much of it, either.

Many people will take from you,

And many others won’t appreciate it,

But don’t ever stop doing it.

Keep giving.

Find the ones who won’t take mercilessly and the ones who will appreciate it,

But give to everyone equally.

Give love and kindness,

Help those who need it,

Bring light where it’s needed.

Giving isn’t just for others, though, it’s for you, too.

It transforms your heart,

Transforms your life into something even better than before.

But guard yourself when you give;

Some will see your love and scoff,

Some will see it and use it.

Don’t be taken advantage of.

But don’t let that stop you;

Don’t allow your light to be dimmed!

Give like you’ve never been hurt;

Never stop giving.


Photo: Free Images/jello fishy