To those who care for a chronically sick loved one:

You are the invisible heroes of the world! While most people are looking to athletes, celebrities, doctors and lawyers, you labor in obscurity, forgotten by the world. You work without pay or recognition for months and sometimes years on end. It may feel like it will never end. In your eyes, it may seem like you’re carrying the weight of the world. You may even feel like you can’t do this anymore. Or maybe you don’t want to. It’s ok to feel that way. Your job is so hard, and takes so much of you. You’re tired, stressed and frustrated. But to your loved one, you are everything; and to the world you are inspiring! You love and care unselfishly, leaving people impressed with your kindness. They see you and see what love really is, and what it should be. You spread love to all who know you, just by loving one very ill person. So when the job is hardest, when you’re not sure how to get through the day, remember that what you do is critical. Remember that love is important, and what you do matters! You share love with the world, just by loving one person. You are a hero, too!


Photo: Free Images/Bas van der Pluym