Everyone goes through challenges in their lives and needs a little assistance sometimes. We can help through small, thoughtfull gestures. Here are a few tips for helping someone out when they’re in need:



We often bring people meals when they’re dealing with the death of a loved one, but there are plenty of other times when they could use a prepared meal. A new parent who’s overwhelmed with the demands of parenting could definantly use a meal or two. Someone who’s having financial difficulties or dealing with stress might appreciate it as well. The simple act of cooking a meal could ease the stress off someone, gives them one less thing to think about.



Help someone out by watching their child for awhile. This would give the parent a couple of hours to themselves or time to take care of things and can go a long way. It could be helpful to them and give them some extra time in their day.



Sometimes a simple call or text can brighten someone’s day. Call and chat awhile or send a text reminding them that things will get better or that you’re thinking of them. This small gesture can brighten someone’s day and remind them that they’re not alone and have someone behind them.



I’ve been lucky to be the recipient of numerous acts of kindness. I’ve had people drive me to a gas station when my car was out of gas, pay for my order at a restaurant, and give me grocery gift cards when I was struggling financially. So repay the kindness you’ve received! If you come upon someone who needs some assistance, try and help them out a little.



This seems like it might be an insignificant thing but can really help someone feel better. Sometimes when people are going through challenging things having someone to talk to can make them feel better. Letting thoughts and emotions out can lighten their load a little.


Photo: FreeImages/John Evans