Life can be a blur sometimes. It goes so fast, whizzing by you before you even have a chance to fully comprehend what the heck it is that’s going by so fast. It’s like when a star ship jumps into warp drive on Star Trek and all the stars turn into streaks. You’re just speeding along trying to get a visual grip on what’s out there and re-orient yourself to what’s happening. You lurch forward and jump into a sort of warp drive, everything around you turning into streaks of color; you can’t even tell what any of it is. Or maybe it’s like being on a roller coaster; everything around you becomes blurs of color. But when life is the blur, the colors are all of the things going on in life: relationships, work, finances, responsibilities, all those other things you can’t even see anymore because they’re so blurred. Nothing is recognizable and your stomach drops, unable to adjust to the crazy speed. You desperately want to slow down, want to get a grip on your surroundings, but you can’t; it’s nothing but a crazy blur. The worst part is that you can’t control the stupid thing! It just takes off like a shot at breakneck speed and who knows when it will stop? (And at this speed I just might ‘break my neck’) It feels like it will never stop. Where are you going!? Why is it going so fast!? Why can’t I get a freakin’ grip on it and stop it!? You wonder if it will ever slow, if it will ever become clear again so you can tell where the heck you are and regain control.

Life can feel this way sometimes, and it can suck. Sometimes it shifts into high gear and you’re lurching through it, unable to gain control as you watch it whiz by. It can feel totally out of control and messy. Life has a way of putting you through these blurs. You just have to brace yourself as best as I can and wait for the coaster to slow and stop so you can get off. And it will stop-eventually. And when it does, things won’t be such a blur anymore.