The world needs more kindness. I believe that sharing kindness with people can make an impact on them, and in turn can inspire them to do the same for others, making a positive impact on society. What’s great about it is that it has a positive effect, regardless of how big or small the gesture. Showing kindness to people doesn’t have to be difficult, and anyone can do it. Here are some simple ways that you can begin showing kindness to those around you.


This is seriously the easiest way to be kind. If you’re like me, you don’t instinctively smile at people; but I wonder what kind of effect it would have if I did. Plus, you never know how a smile can make someone feel. Maybe they’re having a rough time at the moment and getting a smile from someone will lift their spirit a little.


Customer service reps; restaurant, grocery store or retail workers; receptionists; medical personnel-these people all provide a type of service to the public and deserve respect. They’ve got difficult jobs, not to mention the fact that they’re doing something for you. My brother used to work in the food service industry and says that being kind goes a long way for service providers. It takes a little stress of them and in turn, you’ll usually get better service from them; so it’s a win-win.


This is a great way to show kindness to others and there are plenty of places to donate to. Food banks always need steady streams of donations to keep their programs running. Call your local organization and ask what they’re in need of. You can also give canned and non perishable food via food drives. Local schools, churches and grocery stores often hold this sort of thing to enable people to help easily. All you do is pick up a few extra items while at the grocery store and drop it off at the designated location. You can also give clothing and household items to secondhand thrift stores. Look for stores that give back to the community via proceeds from sales or job training and placement, things like that. You will never see the people you help by donating this way, but your simple act of kindness will go a long way for them.


Remind someone you care with a sticky note! A simple ‘I love you’, a funny comment, or a thank you for something they did will do it! This simple gesture can brighten up their day and make them feel better.


In this day of nastiness, be nice. It’s so common to find horrible things written in webpage comment sections that it’s pretty much the norm. People calling strangers horrible names, saying awful things and just generally being bullies have become staples of the web these days. So in a sea of nastiness, show some kindness and post a positive comment. Leave a little light in the darkness!


Think about the time you were looking for a parking space in a packed lot. Then you come upon a car that’s taking up two slots because the owner didn’t park correctly. You COULD have parked there if they’d been kind enough to stick to one space. You then end up having to drive around out of your way to look for another space. You might even end up in another lot or have to walk extra distance after parking a ways away. Making someone do this is rude. Don’t be that person; be kind and only use ONE parking slot.


Eating food that is locally sourced helps to support local farmers and economies. This isn’t as hard as it may sound. Shopping at your local farmers market supports food producers in your area. Your money helps them survive, thrive and provide something necessary for an entire community. It also helps support local business (the market where you bought it) instead of a giant corporation. Plus, you get some great food yourself!

Hopefully these ideas will inspire and help you to spread a little light in the darkness! What other acts of kindness do you like to do? Share it in the comments!